One of many beautiful vistas in Pittsburg, NH. First Connecticut Lake is the largest area lake with 2800 acres. It is one of many pristine bodies of water in Pittsburg's 200,000 acres.Welcome to

New Hampshire's Connecticut Lakes Region

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Pittsburg and New Hampshire’s Connecticut Lakes Region is wonderfully unique in many ways. It is a pristine region at the very tip of New Hampshire offering unlimited, unspoiled wilderness. This is the center of the North Country’s fishing and hunting. Here the mighty Connecticut River is born, forming in it’s passage theloon Third, Second and First Connecticut Lakes and Man-made Lake Francis. The village of Pittsburg, gateway to the historic " Indian Stream Territory." Once an independent nation established in 1832 during the border dispute between Canada and the United States. The largest township in the US, it contains over three hundred thousand acres of timberland, mountains, lakes, streams and forest trails. Come experience natures four seasons at their best.


New Hampshire's
Connecticut Lakes Region
Pittsburg, NH 03592

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